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"….one of the best books I've read in years. I literally could not put this book down and stayed up past midnight for a week just to finish it. The only problem with this book is that it ends."
Robin D., Woodland Hills, CA

"Truly a buffet for the senses"
Amy F., Venice, CA

"Thank you for sharing your truly inspiring journey as well as your divinely decadent recipes…..I love your book!"
Lizzie B., Los Angeles, CA

"I have just finished your wonderful book. I loved it. Couldn't put it down. What a story!!!"
Clare R., Los Angeles, CA

"I pick it up to use a recipe and get totally distracted with the sagas in between."
Susan C., Anacortes, WA

"I was sad that it came to an end."
Michele P., Montecito, CA

"I did not want it to end. After reading your book I fear it will be a long time before I can truly enjoy and miss characters again. After driving a Rolls, nothing compares."
Victoria B., Brentwood, CA

"OMG! What a joy I had reading it."
Peter C., Malibu, CA

"WOW!! WOW!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Merryn J., Katonah, NY

"It sucked me right in from the first page. It's a fantastic book which I couldn't put down."
Marsala R., Las Vegas, NV

"I cannot even explain how much this book has meant to me."
Janice C., Phoenix, AZ

"I loved the book the moment I picked it up. It's the first book where the silken pages felt delicious. I started to read and before I knew it, it was 2 a.m. Can't wait to get back to it."
Ethel G., Hollywood, CA

"Amazing stories fabulously written. I am embraced in your book and am taking a moment from reading to say thanks."
Martha B., Hollywood, CA

"I couldn't put it down, even the third time I read it."
Jayne R., San Clemente, CA

"I read it in one sitting and was up until 5 a.m. I couldn't stop reading and am ready for the next installment."
Marlana M., Joshua Tree, CA

"I read it in one day. I couldn't put it down and think it is better than anything out there. I didn't want it to end and am awaiting the next installment."
Cindy F., Brentwood, CA

"This book appeals to so many types and generations of people with varied experiences. Thank you for writing this beautiful book and adding your inspiring and admirable story to the world.
Arno R., Glendale, CA

"a warm and entertaining as well as informative memoir of a life followed with passion."
Michael S., Van Nuys, CA

"truly a page turner"
Sinde R., Tucson, AZ

"I love it……totally riveting"
Joel R., Tucson, AZ

" I couldn't put it down."
Pam, Phoenix, AZ

"a fantastically entertaining read. It deserves to be a best seller."
Jan L., Telscombe, England

"a page-turning adventure"

"I loved your book!!!!!! I cried, I laughed and couldn't put it down."
Jade H., Hollywood, CA

"Your book is marvelous. I couldn't put it down."
Amy Y., Los Angeles, CA

"I'm recommending your book all the time."

"I'm addicted to it."
Nicole R., Valley Village, CA

"I loved the paper quality of the book. Every time I would turn the page I would caress the turned page down to the bottom."
Alegre R., Valley Village, CA

"Delicious is the best word I can think of."
Ellen P., Baltimore, MD

"I haven't been able to put it down."
Carole M., Hilo, Hawaii

"I have just now slurped up the last page of your book. What a DELICIOUS ADVENTURE."
Rana G., Hollywood, CA

"I loved your book and am recommending it to all my friends."
Drinda B., NYC, NY

"I'm clinging to the last chapter-have cherished it every step of the way-and NEVER WANT IT TO END.
Laura W., Chester, CONN

" I was up all night reading it. I could not put it down. Loved, loved, loved it!!
Nikki E., San Clemente, CA

"I loved every minute I read it."

"I loved your book and read it twice. You not only have great recipes, but are also a master of the memoir. No holds barred and you don't spare yourself."
Joanna D., Middletown, DE (#6 Reviewer at Amazon)

"I couldn't stop reading it."
Pat P., Sedona, AZ

"When I started to read your book I couldn't put it down. Stayed up and read until 2 a.m. when my eyes got heavy."
Helen L., Lewis Center, OH

"I couldn't put it down and truly enjoyed it."
Elizabeth L., Woodstock, NY
(Elizabeth Lesser, one of Oprah's gurus)

"The worst thing about your book is that it ends."
Pat C., Lihue, Kauai

"What a delightful journey you took me on……masterpiece!!!!! I can barely wait for the sequel.
Nanci I., Hollywood, CA

"Your spirit of love and giving is palpable in every page and in all those enterprises you've chosen to undertake: cooking, healing, writing, traveling, familial and other relationships."
Sheran, Laguna Beach, CA

"I was sad it came to an end. I was lost and transported by the adventures, travel, that freedom and the incredible cast of characters we meet through you."
Karin S., Studio City, CA

"I am completely blown away. Can't remember ever experiencing such a vast range of emotions in a relatively short period of time. Wow!
Doug. M., Scottsdale, AZ

"just the medicine I needed"
Victoria N., Beverly Hills, CA

"I loved the story!"
Robert M., Santa Fe, NM

"a gorgeous and delicious book"
Lynn K., Beverly Hills, CA

"I know it will be a huge success. I'm going to order several copies to give to friends."
Dorothy M., San Clemente, CA

"utterly absorbing and entertaining. I literally could NOT put this book down."
Janet B., Nemacolin, PA

"I still can't believe I'm done and want to start reading your book again."
Juli B., Sherman Oaks, CA

"Your book is a wonderful read and your stories are so vivid and fascinating."
Pauline A., Studio City, CA

"I am almost finished with your book and I have that sadness like I am about to lose a long lost friend."
Gwen K., Sherman Oaks, CA

"A delicious tale, I was happy to let it feed my hungry mind, and stomach! The recipes are fantastic, as is the story itself. I find myself going back to reread bits of the story, as well as going to study the different dishes it explores."
Kira, Bowie, MD

"Nancy Mehagian serves up a plethora of delicious and exotic dishes from the fabulous spiritual, social, sensual, artistic and intellectual banquet of her young adulthood."

"reads like a novel. A feast for the senses."
Holly P., Hollywood, CA

"Dear Nancy,
I was going to write you! I am reading your book which Carolyn presented me. IT IS JUST GREAT! I have so much to do but I wait impatiently when I'll go to bed to continue your 'tasty' book. I always liked you but now I just fell in love with you. Thank you dear Nancy!"
Erna S., Yerevan, Armenia

I confess I could not stop reading your book-just had to finish it and could not eat dinner or watch a film until I finished reading.
Merrill C. (86 years old), San Francisco, CA

I just finished your book and I know that after the last page, I wanted to read it again.
Jean H., Michigan

I started reading Siren's Feast last night and did not want to put it down. I am not usually a reader. I have an 8 month old baby who takes up all my time. I am about 150 pages in and I can't wait to sink into it again tonight.
Angie E., Buenos Aires, Argentina

"In our food column last week, we reintroduced our readers to Nancy Mehagian, author of the award-winning culinary memoir Siren's Feast, An Edible Odyssey. One reader wrote to say she had made Nancy's cheese beorag at home and it was so good she almost ate her fingers with it."
Armenian Reporter, July 25, 2009

"I just read your book in two days (I could not put it down), and am beyond inspired by your story, and your recipes. Thank you for enlightening me (can't wait for your next book)! "
Fellow authoress (of Vintage L.A. and Life is a Movie Starring You), J.B. Taylor.


SIREN'S FEAST: AN EDIBLE ODYSSEY....the exciting culinary memoir by Nancy Mehagian ©2008-2010